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Wine Wedding Favors Get Your Celebration Off to a Good Start

Wine wedding favors can be a fun part of any celebration. That's right. Any wedding! Yes, this means that wedding parties that don't serve wine can still enjoy the elegance and beauty of wine wedding favors. How? If you don't drink or have a lot of guests that don't drink doesn't that preclude you from using wine wedding favors? Not at all.

Of course, it might limit you from giving a bottle of wine to each of your guests, but other than that. well, it's not a problem in most situations. That's because beautiful yet functional items such as bottle stoppers and glass charms are appreciated by the wine enthusiast and teetotaler alike.

Serve Non-alcoholic Cider to Your Non Drinking Guests There are a lot of reasons that people choose not to drink and for that reason alone every wedding celebration should be prepared with a non-alcoholic alternative that is a step above a basic carbonated soft drink. Choosing a fine sparkling cider, of which there are many, is a great alternative to let all of your guests know that you appreciate them and their choices. If you take this thoughtful step, the next logical step is to choose a wine wedding favor like a decorative charm or bottle stopper that they can use on their own wine flutes to remember you and your wedding day. Bottle Stoppers Look Great on Other Bottles as Well My family doesn't drink, but we love the beauty and decorative touch of a decorative bottle stopper, like the ones you find among the wine wedding favors, sitting atop a bottle of kosher sparkling grape juice or cranberry juice when we sit down to a celebratory meal. It adds a nice finishing touch to the meal. Imagine how much more it would mean if someone we cared enough about to set aside an entire afternoon (or even an entire day) to celebrate their new life as a married couple bought that bottle stopper favor for us to reminding us of that wonderful day! Think about it.

Imagine you had a beach wedding and your favors were lighthouse or sea shell wine charms. We would think of your wedding every time we used those beautiful charms. Perhaps you were one who chose the daring elegance of a winter wedding and your choice of favors was a bottle stopper graced with an intricate snowflake.

Now think of that stopper sitting atop a bottle on our countertop or bar. That's the power of buying wine wedding favors.

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find great ways to make your sunset beach wedding come alive with fun wedding ideas at http://www.ExcitingWeddingFavors.com.

Wine Wedding Favors Get Your Celebration Off to a Good Start

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