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Tips For A Sixtieth Birthday Party

Gifts and poems for a sixtieth birthday are the most common things to consider for a sixtieth birthday , but the fact is that a person who is now sixty years old several things are crossing his mind and he is at the age where he deemed to be over the hill and hence here are my tips for you while planning a sixtieth birthday bash for someone.

Tip #1 : Be considerate for the mixed emotions that person is going to have on the 60th birthday.

Tip #2 : Consider a gift which is hilarious yet sensitive to the age of the person and not demeaning.

Tip #3 : If the person celebrating the birthday is of humorous nature then only try over the hill gifts and mock and make fun of the persons special age of sixty years.

Tip #4 : Create a special theme around each decade of his life specifically targeting each decade with what he went through in his life.

Tip #5 : Recreate his the scenario of his birth and try a classic theme from that year or try recreate a movie scene from that age.

Tip #6 : Form a special band group of his friends and try coaching them to sing a special song from each of the major bands of each decade.

Tip #7 : If your are giving a sixtieth birthday party for your husband try to create stages of life for the years you have spent together as well create the most significant moments of his life including the birthday milestones.
Also alongside planning of party there is an aspect of gifts for the sixtieth birthday and here is my list of gag gifts that are very good in terms of conveying that funny humorous feeling and very unique.

Wigs Wigs are the best gag gifts for a sixtieth birthday, There are two ways you can have them as gifts , try to use them in a creative manner and give that person a special photograph of his recreated with him wearing a wig . You can use special software to do that along with a digital photo camera.
Dentures Age does funny things to your body and definitely teeth is one thing which over age will fall or what better thing than to prepare somebody for that by giving a denture.

Funny yet having a message.

Other things that can be there are miniature walking sticks, tombstone (be careful with this one).Regular gag gifts for a birthday can be molded into a sixtieth birthday gag gifts like backward clocks, mirrors that distort you face etc.

News papers as a gag - For the technology geeks you can try to insert a newspaper item in a digital newspaper or magazine available online and then try to send to the person by mail or online using email.

He will be surprised to see his face and name in the magazine.

Adult Gag - Try to send a few hot girls to wish him a sixtieth birthday and he will delightfully surprised. Especially it is true if you are trying have something funny for your husbands sixtieth birthday or if you are planning a sixtieth birthday for your wife you can have that also in the same manner by sending a pair of young handsome guys to wish her happy birthday.

Coffee mugs with funny saying, over the hill T-shirts , special vanishing inks etc can be other pranks that you can play for a sixtieth birthday.

Gifts for a another age - Another great gag gift for a sixtieth birthday could be having a gift which would be unsuitable for that age for example try a gift which he would have used when he was young like dumbbells or special diapers or red colored shirt with special adult sayings.

Try to be very creative with these gag gifts for a sixtieth birthday and you will have a fun time planning those gifts as well as the person receiving the gifts will feel oh so special.
These tips will help you plan the birthday party for a sixty year than what you would have planned and hope that helps in a special manner as sixtieth birthday of a person is very very special.


About the Author (text)The author gives advice on some gifts for a sixtieth birthday for a sixtieth birthday and has a resource listing gifts for a sixtieth birthday.He has a website http://www.buy-me-a-gift-online.com

gifts for a sixtieth birthday party

Tips For A Sixtieth Birthday Party

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