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Finding Love Online?!
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The Hidden Secrets For Successfully Dating Women

The single most effective way to date a woman is come from a place of power, confidence, and relaxation. Women complain that there aren't any gentlemen left in the world. Men no longer open doors for them, when they go out to lunch or dinner they don't bother pushing in their chair, and when they go up a stairwell he doesn't walk behind her just in case she falls. If you want to date a woman you want to do it from a place of power, not of weakness. And just so you don't misunderstand this, I am not talking about being controlling, dominant, or anything that involves anything bad. I am talking about learning how to date a woman the right way.

The most important aspect on how to date a woman is that you must eliminate all signs of insecurity, neediness, and nervousness. Women are attracted to men that are confident. "If a man asks me out and looks me in the eye as though he deserves a date with me, I will give him a chance," says Diane, a 24 year old waitress who is also working on her master's degree.

"I've gone out with men who I didn't think were that handsome, but once he opened his mouth, carried himself with confidence I found myself intrigued. I wanted to learn more about him." Before you can even date a woman you must first master the art of qualifying. This means that you must first have the confidence to approach a woman, talk to her, and see if she is someone who is worthy of your time. You should let her know that beauty is a common thing and that it takes a lot more than that to impress you.

Men are very visual creatures and become attracted to woman much differently than women become attracted to men. This causes men the tendency to focus on one woman at a time. "To increase your chances of success with women," says David DeAngleo, the founder of DoubleYourDating, "A man should talk to different women and ultimately choose the one that he really wants. If he doesn't have any hangups about casually dating several women, then he should do so." Once you've found a woman that qualifies for your time, you should first meet up for drinks or some kind of activity. "The first date shouldn't start until after the first meeting," says Rod Cortez, the founder of TheDatePro.

"Once you've set up the first meeting, you should spend about an hour or so getting to know her. If there is no mutual chemistry between the both of you then there's no need to move onto the first date. But if there is, then it's time to take it to the next level." After you've gone out on a few dates, you will know very quickly if this is someone that is worth dating. By dateing, I mean wooing her into becoming your girlfriend and taking the relationship to a more serious level. A big mistake men make is they will date a woman over the phone or during the first date.

This communicates weakness and desperation and is not attractive to women. As a general rule of thumb, a man should wait for a woman to bring up any relationship talk first. But if she brings it up too early, such as the one the first date or during a 90 day period, you should simply say "it's too soon to talk about that, I want to see where this goes. We can talk about it later." This way you are coming from a position of power and you are communicating to her that you are not in any hurry to taking it to the next level. Once you have gone out for a few dates the dateing process should begin.

The most important part of the dateing process is to sit down and have "the talk". You don't want to make any assumptions about your relationship unless you have sat down and talked about like two mature adults. Once you have both agreed to be exclusive then you can start doing things that will make your time together more special.

Most men skip this process when trying to date a woman. They skip the qualifying steps and this ensures that they will end up with the wrong woman. After they have qualified her they can start introducing her to his family and friends. This communicates to her that she is special to you and that you are proud to be with her. Go on a getaway vacation, just the two of you. It doesn't even have to cost a lot of money.

Even just renting a cottage or a nice hotel room with an ocean view for the weekend will allow you two to spend some quality time together. Bringing her a surprise gift or some flowers is a nice touch too.

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The Hidden Secrets For Successfully Dating Women

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