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A Wedding Poem

The Beauty Of It Time passing sings loudly Measure not the Journey Nor the choices made Rather unions formed, Vows spoken freely, Promises of everlasting love, They are the hands elevating our spirit To touch God Can you see the Beauty of it? Their faces one with a higher power As they join with the other, now Two people peacefully united, Delivering breaths of light To a world seeking grace There is such beauty in it Holding our heads high We donate our tears As they vow to Have and to Hold We cry as we too have witnessed God's love bless our own union Each clinging tear our gift to them Knowing the light of the Holy Spirit Shall be their arms on tired days We have seen the beauty of it Embracing on this joyous day Blessed by God, Witnessed by family and friends Each one us gives to them The singular power of Faith Knowing Faith to be God's timeless Sustainer of life and eternal joy That is the Beauty of it ANOTHER Poem: ANGELS ON DUTY Did you hear your alarm this morning? Like ten thousands weights chained to our feet We drag ourselves to the edge of our shuffled bed White sheets reeking of sleep drape our legs, With our body bent in half, we devour heavy breaths of air Hoping this will replenish our tired spirit, the work of this day infects our mind Rocking ourselves will comfort our soul, Or so it seems. The morning bell tolls the Angels to their duty Wings wrapping souls is the first order of business Their mission: to strengthen mankind's resolve to make today better than yesterday They wash our light in lullabies from the world beyond And we are unaware of our body, as though filled with air, being lifted to a soft cloud where whispers in our ear give us the secret to life each and every day We are reminded of our calling by the love we can't see and as we reach to erase the noise of the morning clock, a smile of truth warms us in a freshly heated blanket For within our being shines the gift of knowledge, that, the world is our neighbor, and hope is but a prayer away ANOTHER LOVE POEM: So Much of Me Belongs to You My love for you fell on my heart like the weight of ten thousand drops For I awoke from sleep, and I did weep Lonely is my heart for you The tears they fill my eyes as this pen scribbles words of love I want you so I want you to know Please don't go I love you so The miles between us they grow but somehow I'm able to see that without I'd be forever alone, forever at sea I awoke you from sleep to see if you weep for my love as I do yours I needed a gentle word a soft voice a tear to compensate for the emptiness of your not being here I don't ask your forgiveness for the intrusion upon your rest for if you love me you will understand and anger shall be the emotion furthest So much love, so much crying, so much caring, so much loneliness, so much Wishing you well, Barb Find your peace and find your place in this world Smile even when it hurts Complete your life plan See the beauty around you, it's plentiful You'll find it in the smallest things and always remember, you are loved.

What cannot be measured in this world, is the power of words. Writing Poetry and Lyricsprovides us with a venue to make a positive contribution to the emotional good of this world. Dreams Really Are Given Every Day Abundantly. Drageda, http://www.drageda.com

A Wedding Poem

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